We believe in making a sustainable contribution to not only our shareholders but also to the society and communities that we operate within.

We acknowledge the imbalances of the past and how they have disadvantaged particular groups within our society and have taken a view that our course is not just to maximise profits but to also contribute to the development of the communities within which we operate and to make environmentally conscious business decisions.

We have taken a holistic approach to sustainability. Below is our commitment to a PPP approach


  • Ownership: South Africa Cargo Services is a 39% black owned entity with one half of the black management also being female

  • Management Control: 80% of the local (South Africa based) top management is Black African

  • Training & Development: We believe in developing and up-skilling our people  and already spend over half a Rmillion a year on skills development. Additionally, we contribute towards the Skills Development Levy which is under the administration of the Department of Labour and also work with Transport Education Training Authority (TETA) where we provide both classroom and on the job training to around 100 new and junior job entrants a year.


  • Sustainable input into the economy and the environment in which we operate: we strongly believe in reinvesting and developing the communities within which we operate. A few examples of our contributions are towards long term projects involving education and dealing with alcohol and substance abuse.


  • We recognise that businesses are in the market to satisfy specific needs and to also to create value and generate returns for the shareholders. It is of paramount importance that we continue to generate positive returns for our shareholders so we can sustain the business and continue to create employment.

  • One of the core pillars of our approach to creating and sharing profits is in supplier development.

  • We recognize the barriers to entry that exists for suppliers from the previously disadvantaged groups

  • These barriers largely speak to requirements that are put forward as procurement criteria focusing on experience and large capital outlays

  • Thus we have committed ourselves to, not only procure from companies with certification of B-BBBE level 4 and up, but to also help address some of the disadvantages that these companies face

  • We do this by investing in time and money to assist in the business management up-skilling in order to close the gap that exists for them to meet the required procurement criteria from a number of well established companies.